At the club meeting on Wednesday, our Rotary Information Coordinator, David Collyer,
spoke about the Rotary Theme for September – Basic Education and Literacy.
The goal of Rotary is to strengthen the capacity of Communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education and increase adult literacy. These goals are achieved in there ways – 1. Rotary Scholarships; 2. Teacher Training; 3. Adult Literacy.
Did you know that 775 million people who are over 15 are illiterate, that’s 17% of the world’s population? Rotary’s strong support for literacy and education based initiatives has extended into the 21st Century.  Today, Rotary Foundation provides funding for projects that engage and involve the local community and focus on creating a sustainable impact.  In 2014-15 alone, The Rotary Foundation awarded 133 grants in the area of education and literacy, totalling US$8 million.
Members are changing lives and improving communities all over the world.  Members have supported thousands of projects to improve basic education and literacy.  As we celebrate decades of commitment to support this basic human right, we look forward to the future and focus on how we can address current challenges and look for innovative solutions to further boost literacy.
Following on from David’s presentation, Jennifer Marshall, Director Service Projects, advised members of a mini project that the club will be running during the Basic Education and Literacy month. Jen said that Jane Moore had come up with a fantastic idea to engage members and bring the theme to life in the club. Each member is encouraged to donate a children’s book which will be collected at the next two meetings and presented to the Casey North Community Information and Support Service (CISS) at the end of the month. The books can be between $5-$7 in value and must be suitable for primary school aged children. Second hand books are okay, as long as they are in good condition.
Promoting basic education and literacy is an opportunity to make a real difference.