At the Rotary District 9820 Conference in March, the Rotary Club of Berwick achieved the highest contributions to the Rotary Foundation from District 9820 in the year 2015-2016.
Here we have President Mark receiving the award from District Foundation Director PDG Tony Spring.
We are currently in the 100th year of The Rotary Foundation. It all started with Arch Klumph’s idea for an endowment fund dedicated to “doing good in the world” which planted the seed for The Rotary Foundation in 1917. That one idea and an initial contribution of $26.50 set in motion a powerful force for good that has transformed millions of lives around the globe. This probably doesn't mean much to the average person, but through The Rotary Foundation we are able to do great things!
To find out about how well The Rotary Foundation performs against all the other charities, try this link
I think it is a great charity.
  1. It is well run. (check out the Charity Navigator data) 
  2. has many checks and balances.
  3. only approves projects that meet the set out criteria.
  4. does not fully fund projects. 
  5. creates partnerships that ensure long term project success.
Since the inception of the Rotary Club of Berwick in 1961, our Club has given $273,472.51 to The Rotary Foundation.