Issue  25
12th January 2022
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January is Vocational Service Month
Vocational Service is at the heart of Rotary, which was founded on the classification system of membership.
Business and professional life are the bedrock of Rotary, and Vocational Service is a major force in promoting honour, integrity, and trustworthiness in business.
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Saturday morning coffee
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Jan 15, 2022
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Berwick Cemetery Clean-up
Berwick Cemetery
Jan 19, 2022
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday morning coffee
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Jan 22, 2022
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Rotary Safe Families Event @ Nossal High School
Nossal High School
Jan 26, 2022
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Saturday morning coffee
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Jan 29, 2022
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
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PolioPlus is engaging reluctant communities by addressing basic

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Rotary SAFE Families Australia Day event
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
The deteriorating COVID situation has necesssitated changes to the Rotary SAFE Families Australia Day event being held at Nossal High School. 
"Rotary SAFE Families is a preventative program that will assist Rotarians to be “part of the solution” and to spread “NO” to Family Violence across your community, your Club and throughout Australia."
It had been intended that approximately 200 invited guests from multi-cultural backgrounds would attend the event.  However, due to the escalating COVID problem, the program has now been reduced to a ZOOM broadcast showcasing the Rotary SAFE Families model and Rotary projects across Australia. 
The Rotary Club of Berwick was to provide barbeque services involving a range of food, including some indigenous treats.  However, this activity is no longer required.
The event will pay respect to First Nations people, with a 'Welcome to Country' and a display of indigenous art and artefacts.
The Australia Day broadcast will be held on Wednesday, 26 January, from 1:00 pm at Nossal High School.
2022 Berwick Cemetery Working Bee and COVID
Posted by Sam McCurdy on behalf of Adrian Funston: Updated 13th January by Graham Johnstone and Adrian Funston.
The Club’s Berwick Cemetery Working Bee is scheduled for Wednesday 19th January 2022, starting from  around 5:00 pm.
Note: Current Victorian COVID-safe requirements for outdoor gatherings will be applied at the Working Bee. As at 13th January, a QR code must be activated. The cemetery has a printed QR code on the wall of the shed.
Participants must be double vaccinated. A booster shot will show on your vaccination certificate as the last vaccination and the original vaccination will no longer show on your certificate. As at 13th of January, there is no requirement for vaccination certificates to be sighted.
Everybody needs to be aware of any changes in regulations that may occur.
Club members and guests will be needed to conduct the following activities:
  • Pruning and watering roses
  • Painting wrought iron grave surrounds (Materials supplied)
  • Clearing sticks and leaves from around graves and leaving them in neat piles for collection by cemetery staff
  • Clearing sticks and other debris from the new section’s road.
On Funno’s advice, Rotarians and guests should bring along:
  1. Gloves
  2. Rakes
  3. Air brooms
  4. Secateurs
  5. Chairs for sitting and enjoying the BBQ and fellowship.
  6. Warm clothing for later in the evening.
Following the good work, there will, of course, be our traditional barbecue featuring Alf’s famous chops and sausages, as well as appropriate liquid refreshments.
Car parking will be available at the Arch Brown Reserve adjacent to the cemetery.
Make a note of the date and come along for what is always an enjoyable night of community work and fellowship.

Inner Wheel Garden Party Invitation

Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Please find attached an invitation for the members of the Rotary Club of Berwick to attend a Garden Party at Diana and David Nutter’s home, hosted by the Inner Wheel Club of Berwick.
President Stephanie is hoping that our Rotary friends will join us for this event, that is an important fund raiser for our Inner Wheel Charities.
All the details for registering and paying to attend the event are on the invitation. Please be aware that all attendees will need to show their proof of vaccination to ensure that this is a COVID Safe event.
Art Screens Funds raiser
Posted by Graham Johnstone for Gus Dominguez.
 Art Screens program
The art screens hire program continues to ramp up and we have a booking for March, two bookings for April and one for late May.
On 11 January the team composed of Gary Evans, Andy Merill, President David, Mark and Isobel Caulfield, Russell Fellows, David Anderson, Rosmarie Hughes and Gus collected the screens hired to the Sorrento Art Show. Thanks to all for their contribution.
A group of the above took the opportunity to visit the new "weekend shack" built by David and Diana Nutter, enjoying great views of the bay and Arthur's Seat. Thank you David and Diana for hosting us in this beautiful setting, fostering club fellowship.
Joker's Wild 15th December
Posted by Graham Johnstone:
Jokers Wild; the jackpot which stands at $686.60 for the New Year.
Good Luck everyone!
The District Conference awaits!
17/12/21 ONLY FIVE RC Berwick members booked in so far. That means Conference Fees and Accommodation will be FULLY COVERED. Still time to book in here:
I have to tell you that a Rotary Conference is more than just a whole lot of boring people sitting around talking about Rotary. It is about people sitting around talking about their lives, their futures and their children's futures. Life experiences, opinions on where we are heading as a species and even what we can do to change "something". Rotarians can be up the front as change-makers or down the back as peacemakers. As individuals, we are limited but together we have a chance. A Rotary Conference brings together day to day life with a chance to be a part of the future instead of just an observer.
This week, I would like to draw your attention to the latest speaker in what is turning out to be a remarkable lineup for the District 9820 Conference in February 2022. This is hot off the press news and I am pretty excited that Vic is coming to our Conference.

Vic Grosjean (Australia)

A chartered engineer with 12 years of ocean experience, Vic is Principal Consultant at OceanX Group, a cutting-edge company that is developing technology to monitor and remove pollution from waterways and clean up our oceans.

Vic holds a formal qualification in electronics (Bachelors), in mechatronics engineering (Masters in Robotics) and environmental monitoring (Masters in Physics). In 2018, he became a Chartered Engineer and integrated the National Engineering Register for his expertise in information, telecommunications, and electronics engineering as well as leadership and management.

Holding a leading role in the community, Vic is the immediate past President of Melbourne City Rotaract Club (MCRC), he is involved as a Board Member of the Australian Autonomous Unmanned System Association (AAUS) and corresponding member of The National Committee for Mechatronics (NCMech) with Engineers Australia.

As a supporter of Rotary Values, Vic is an active member of ESRAG and a strong supporter of the End Plastic Soup Project. For the past 3 years, he has been providing an innovative approach to clean water through his environmental project "The Ocean CleanX" throughout Melbourne Rotaract & Rotary clubs.

As a leader and community educator, he strives for projects to reduce water pollution on a global scale and make a long-term difference for humanity. His career focus is to build collaboration between organizations in order to advance engineering and preserve the environment with the ultimate goal of saving our oceans.

In 2018, Vic Grosjean was selected by Barry Rassin, President of Rotary International, to showcase his work at the United Nations in Kenya and was named as “One of Six, People of Action: Young Innovators”.


A Rotary District Conference is a fun and inspiring experience. I still don't think I can face another fancy cocktail after staying up all night with a bunch of young Rotarians a few years ago! That was a hangover to remember (or forget)!
Club members have the opportunity to flourish by finding and building new connections outside their Clubs and into the bigger world of Rotary. A spark of inspiration could change the world.  Rotary is a big picture organisation and needs Rotarians who can serve from a club level right through to an international level. Experiences such as attending a District Conference are all it takes to turn a member into a Rotarian.
Your members will bring back new ideas and experiences to your Club which will give your Club a stronger edge for growth and innovation. A District Conference is just fun, entertaining and full of surprises!

Whether you've been a Rotarian for 5 days or 50 years, our District Conference offers plenty of great reasons to attend.

There is a shortage of accommodation because Traralgon is a drive-in, drive-out town for workers at the power station and paper mill. I would recommend that you book as soon as you can.
What will it cost you? Well for Rotary Club of Berwick members it might well cost you nothing! Book now, pay your money and depending on how many other members book, you will receive a credit. That information can be found here:
Thank you to our sponsors.